About Us

The International network for the Advancement of Viable Applicable Innovations in Life sciences (InAVAIL) has been created by Dr. Sabrina Mattoli, a pulmonologist, renowned innovator in biomedical research and entrepreneur in the biopharmaceutical sector. The logo with the AVAIL name is an internationally registered trade mark of the domain owner.

Members of InAVAIL are R&D-performing organizations, R&D-consulting firms and service providers working to common aims and sharing innovative methodologies, data, infrastructures and resources. Through the login page of this site they have secure access to an advanced networking platform that offers an integrated set of tools, capabilities and services. It has been specifically conceived to help participating project teams prioritize and manage technical complexities and risks, to build alliances, and to combine resources with the aim to accelerate the development of market-creating innovations or reach new markets.